Vergangene Veranstaltungen
Titel der Veranstaltung Ort
Impact of the Microbiome on Cancer Growth and Therapy München 15.02.2019
CDDF – Board Meeting CANCELLED Neapel 26.11.2018
3rd CDDF Multi-stakeholder workshop on Minimal Residual Disease (AML/CLL) London 08.11.2018
ITOC EDUCATION WORKSHOP 4 München 05.10.2018
CDDF Strategic Retreat München 05.10.2018
10. CDDF Alpine Conference Buchen bei Telfs 26.02.2018
6th ACCELERATE CONFERENCE 2018 Brüssel 08.02.2018
CDDF Multi-stakeholder workshop on Minimal Residual Disease London, UK 18.10.2017
CDDF Multi-stakeholder workshop – Access to Innovative Oncology Drugs in Europe Madrid, Spanien 07.09.2017
CDDF - Innovation in Oncology Clinical Trial Design Frankfurt 12.06.2017
CDDF Board Meeting Brüssel 27.04.2017
ACCELERATE – Paediatric Oncology Conference Brüssel 02.03.2017
CDDF 9th Alpine Conference Innsbruck Buchen, Austria 19.10.2016
CDDF Board Meeting Podersdorf 28.09.2016
CDDF – Workshop on Real World Data London 06.07.2016
CDDF Board Meeting Prag 12.05.2016
EMA – CDDF Joint Meeting: Challenges for the approval of anti-cancer immunotherapeutic drugs London 04.02.2016
CDDF – ITCC – SIOPE: 4th Paediatric Oncology Conference Brüssel 20.01.2016
CDDF Board Meeting Brussels 10.09.2015
CDDF Board Meeting April 2015 Brussels 08.04.2015
Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference - ITOC2 München 25.03.2015
CDDF 8th Alpine Conference Telfs-Buchen / Innsbruck 02.03.2015
CDDF 3rd Paediatric Oncology Conference Wien 05.02.2015
CDDF ITCC ENCCA SIOPE Paediatric Oncology Taskforce Vienna 04.02.2015
Biomarker Task Force Brussels 12.12.2014
CDDF Workshop - Companion Diagnostics Brüssel 11.12.2014
CDDF Board Meeting Brussels 19.09.2014
Minimal Residual Disease: End-Points in Clinical Trials London 13.05.2014
BDA Board Meeting Brussels 28.03.2014
Access to Innovative Oncology Medicines in Europe Bonn 16.01.2014
How to mature emerging technologies into companion diagnostics Brussels 12.12.2013
Improving oncology drugs development for children and adolescents Paris 18.11.2013
BDA – ECCO Joint Session during ECC 2013 Amsterdam 28.09.2013
BDA Board Meeting Brussels 13.09.2013
BDA Board Meeting Podersdorf 11.04.2013
Seventh Alpine Meeting - Meeting the Current and Future Challenges of Oncology Drug Development Telfs-Buchen / Innsbruck 25.03.2013
Immuno-Oncology putting theory into practice Frankfurt 28.01.2013
Present and future breast cancer management: bench to bedside and back Wien 29.11.2012
BDA Board Meeting Podersdorf 13.04.2012
BTOC 11 – Biological Therapy of Cancer Munich 14.03.2012
Pediatric Workshop 2011 London 05.12.2011
6th Alpine Meeting – Joint meeting between Academia, Industry, Regulators & Patient Advocacy Groups Innsbruck 04.10.2011
BDA Paediatric Oncology Planning Workshop London 17.05.2011
BDA Board Meeting, spring 2011 Vienna 18.03.2011
Actual developments in European Regulatory and HTA Management Bonn, Germany 09.03.2011
„Combination NME‘s in Oncology – Opportunities and Challenges“ Brussels 07.12.2010
BDA Board Meeting Podersdorf am See 24.09.2010
10th International Symposium Biological Therapy of Cancer Munich 08.09.2010
BDA Board Meeting Frankfurt 09.04.2010
5th Alpine Meeting – Joint meeting between Academia, Industry, Regulators & Patient Advocacy Groups Innsbruck 03.03.2010
BDA Executive Workshop-Oncology Based Drug Development Brussels 09.02.2010
Proteomics in Clinical Oncology: Possibilities, Promise and Pitfalls Berlin, Germany 18.09.2009
Critical Success Factors for new oncology products Brussels 10.09.2009
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